About the Blogger

Christy Valencheck was traditionally schooled throughout elementary, middle, and high school years. She went to college right after high school only to discover she was not interested in being there, and spurred on by a deep desire to experience life in a broader way.

Christy began working with mentally challenged adults, observing the ways they learned, and allowing the freedom of choice they deserved, even though their intelligence-age was quite young. She later joined AmeriCorps, where she served as a corps member working with children in both natural and school settings, and later worked as a staff member for a few years.

Christy has been aide to a city council representative, worked as a therapeutic support for children with autism, and led children’s ministry in churches. She worked her way through college for 10 years,  not neglecting to take courses like classical guitar, pottery, and photography along the way. She defaulted into a Psychology degree after earning hundreds of credits with little regard for a degree. Her advisor arranged for her graduation upon hearing she was pregnant with her second child; the advisor was concerned she would not return to school, and “be out on the streets with no degree.”

All of these experiences have been formative in her belief that children and adults are naturally life-long learners, who need resources, time, and challenges worthy of our intelligence in order to feel happy, express ourselves creatively, and enjoy life fully.

Christy has two beautiful children, ages 9 and 5. They are a source of learning, inspiration and encouragement to her.

Christy is an unschooling mom who is interested in the arts, physical and social sciences, yoga, hooping, world religions, and healing.


2 thoughts on “About the Blogger

    1. I can see that about you Jaclyn! You are an inspiration to me as well! Teaching kids who (for whatever reason) must go to school is an important vocation, and I’m so glad you are there for your students with all of that joyous energy you exude! I imagine they treasure you, and will always remember you.

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